Seaweed Soup

Title: Seaweed Soup
Author: Stuart J. Murphy
Illustrated by: Frank Remkiewicz
Ages: 4 – 8 years
Date/Publisher: 2001, HarperCollins- Math Start Series
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye, Binkey and Bubblegum Books

seaweed siyoGooey, slimy, smelly seaweed soup is the star of this entertaining picture book. Turtle generously shares his slimy, green soup with his reluctant friends. He sets his table, using four items: a bright red cup, a great big spoon, a napkin and a bowl. As his friends join him, one by one, he adds place settings to the table, presenting the concept of matching sets, or one-to-one correspondence. Turtle and his friends teach patterns, relationships, and counting. Meanwhile, the children just think we’re reading about gooey, slimy soup.

Three pages follow at the end of the book, with suggestions of how to use the story to expand the math concepts into math skills with games and problems.

The humorous and colorful illustrations enhance the story for a fulfilling reading experience. Who knew a crab and a clam could have such delightful expressions?


2 thoughts on “Seaweed Soup

    • Yes Joyce, wish my soup bowl kept serving people like this one!
      Loved your Taunting Squirrels post!! Great photo & caption for your ‘T’ post.
      Happy A to Z’ing.

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