Not For Parents

Title: Not For Parents
            Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye, Binkey and Bubblegum Books

not for parentsHere’s a series of books that opens up the world to young eyes. These books are ‘not for parents’. Set amongst fun pictures and drawings, there are fascinating facts and stories about the people of other countries, the history of the place and how their lives are different.

Four books each travel through a different city: London, New York, Paris and Rome. A fifth book ‘The Travel Book’ explores the different countries in the world.

A FREE 33 page e-book ‘Everything you ever wanted to know’ offers previews of all five books, showing several pages from each of the books. Download for free from Lonely Planet or from ibooks and check out these books to see how you like them.

Here’s a link to Lonely Planet’s blog with more information on the books and a link to their free download:


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