Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here!

Title: Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here!
            A Word from Your Baby-in-Waiting
Author: Barbara Park
Illustrated by: Viviana Garofoli
Date/Publisher: 2008, Random House
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye, Binkey and Bubblegum Books

Ma book coverMa! There’s Nothing to Do Here! is an unusual story from a different perspective – from an unborn child. Told in catchy verse, the rhyme and rhythm captures readers’ attention.

From the first page (“Dear Ma, What’s a baby to do in a womb with no view?” to the last, I chuckled and awwww’ed my way through this fun picture book. It’s perfect for any expecting mother … and the rest of us too.

I think my favorite page is where the words spiral around in a circle: “I’m all in a heap here. My feet are asleep here. I’m flat out of space. I’ve got knees in my face. And I’m totally board with the dumb bungee cord … I’m NOT kidding you … there is NOTHING to do!”

Or, maybe it’s: “’Cause my schedule is sweet. It’s just ‘Snooze, eat … repeat.’

Ma picOr … it’s … No, you’ll just have to read the book yourself. I think you’ll love it too.


4 thoughts on “Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here!

  1. Reblogged this on It's all kids stuff. and commented:
    It reminds me of “Go the fuck to sleep” They’re both books written in the form that are meant for “children” to be able to access but is “for adults”. The type of book doesn’t categorize the readers, rather it’s the content. I’ve heard that Go the fuck to sleep was placed in a children’s section in a bookstore once, and it makes me wonder further; why the “children’s section” and “teens section” in stores like Chapters or Barnes and Nobles exist. It encourages the thinking that “only children like picture books”… Why not take the children’s books, get rid of that section in the stores and libraries, and just place those books in the other sections which divide things by subject like adult books are organized?

    • Thanks for the reblog Jenn!
      Interesting thoughts on reorganzing by subject instead of age. Think the powers that be will ever see that?
      I haven’t seen the book you mentioned, I’ll have to go look that one up.
      Have a great week!

    • Thanks Jenn! Will definately check it out.
      Probably now, as I was a week behind in the A to Z challenge and spent most of the day catching up. I’m ready for a break and some laughs!

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