Kangaroo, Dolphin and Turtle

Title: Kangaroo, Dolphin and Turtle
Author: Richard Thomas
Illustrated by: Shanise Ng
Date/Publisher: 2011, Works & Days Publishing, e-book
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye, Binkey and Bubblegum Books

kangaroo dolphin turtleTurtle can’t run fast. Kangaroo can’t swim. Dolphin can’t walk. Three friends can’t always play together.

Sometimes feelings get hurt. We feel sad, or angry, or just plain mad.

Fortunately, one day all three friends discover that they don’t like one any better than the other. They just can’t always do the same things at the same time.

Kangaroo, Dolphin & Turtle tells of the magic of friendship, with a dose of some of the trials and hurt feelings that are part of being friends. The colorful, whimsical illustrations are a joy to look at. I lingered over each page enjoying the art work as much as I did the story.

And an added bonus … it is FREE as an e-book from ibooks! It’s also available in print (soft cover) from Amazon and for NOOK.


4 thoughts on “Kangaroo, Dolphin and Turtle

  1. I would open the book just based on the cover. The guys are so cute. I’d probably embarrass the Husband because I’d be squealing “Sooo cute” in the bookstore aisle.

    • They are just adorable, aren’t they! There’s some children’s books that I’d just love to have framed prints of some of the pages. This is one of those books.

    • Yes, Tara, it is a terrific cover!
      When my boys were little, we’d go through stacks of books. I worked in the children’s dept. of our library at that time, so I always ahd 30-40 books at the house. Then they grew up and I went years without reading children’s books. Now I’m a Grandma, even though he’s in Arizona and I’m in Texas. Regardless of the distance, I’m drawn back to children’s books … this time mostly for MY enjoyment!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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