The Fox on the Box

Title: The Fox on the Box
Author: Barbara Gregorich
Illustrated by: Robert Macheris
Publisher: School Zone Publishing Company
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye, Binkey and Bubblegum Books

fox on a boxA Fox on the Box is one of the School Zone Start to Read books. The story is simple. The sentences are short. The words repeat for the young early reader.

The charming watercolor illustrations show the fox in many activities, all on the box. He eats on the box. He jumps on the box. He plays on the box … and more. All pages are delightful. I fell in love with this active little fox – even when the box sat on the fox!

The Fox on the Box is available in print or as an e-book. Yet, for this one I downloaded the e-book to my reader. Next time I visit my grandson, I’m prepared with a stack of books, all in a little reader. That’s a load this grandma can easily carry through the airport.


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