The Dream Pillow

Title: The Dream Pillow
Author & Illustrator: Mitra Modarressi
Date/Publisher: 1994, Orchard Books
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye, Binkey and Bubblegum Books

dream pillowCeleste and Ivey are two little girls traveling the sometimes muddled path to friendship. A dream pillow that brings nightmares goes back and forth between the two girls. When they enlist Ivy’s mother’s help, she divides the pillow in two, bringing the dream pillow’s effects to just the right blend for fun, magical dreams.

Friends after all; it’s a satisfying and heart-warming end to the tale.

The author’s watercolor illustrations complement the story beautifully. This is a perfect story for young girls navigating the early world of female friends.


4 thoughts on “The Dream Pillow

  1. I read children books for my own pleasure. I hope the 4 that you’ve reviewed for the AtoZ thus far are in my library. I’ve subscribed to your RSS to keep up with reviews. whoo-hoo!

    • Thanks Susie! When the boys were little I worked part time in the childrens dept of our local library. Boy, was THAT dangerous! I always had a 3′ stack of books checked out. Now they’re grown and I’m a Grandma, and I’m still checking out stacks of books, now just a mix of children and adult.
      Have a great weekend!

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