Apricot ABC

Title: Apricot ABC
Author: Miska Miles
Illustrated by: Peter Parnall
Date/Publisher: 1969, Little, Brown and Company
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye, Binkey and Bubblegum Books

apricot abcAn apricot falls from a tree, a bee buzzs to check it out, and crickets and caterpillars crawl to see …. This classic ABC book is the perfect kick off to the Blogging from A – Z Challenge.

The melodious rhyming text adds in hints of science and the world of insects and nature in this delightful story. We follow through the seasons as the rain zigs and zags to bring us to the life of a new apricot tree from the seed.

Q brings us:

Quietly, from special places
In the flickering shadow of Queen Anne’s laces,
Quickly ventured queer little things,
On fluttering, fragile gossamer wings.

The clever illustrations hide each new letter in the world of nature that fills the background.

While not a new book, many used copies abound on Amazon and my local library stocks a copy in excellent condition. A to Z is an excellent concept for children that stays with us and hooks us as adults too. Follow us through April as we share children’s book reviews from A to Z.


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